Reba – The Face Behind the Noise

A few of you have met her but a lot of you have just heard her. I’m talking about our big fluffy monster who barks like crazy every time you come to my front door. We are trying to stop this behaviour but she is just so protective of her space.

I usually try to shut her in the kitchen before I answer the door as once the door is open she changes from being protective to very excitable and I know being jumped at, licked and covered in fur isn’t to everybody’s liking.

Her name is Reba (named after a bicycle suspension fork).

She’s a proper Welsh Border Collie from a sheep farm in the Brecon Beacons, she’s now 10 years old and we’ve had her from a puppy.


She loves to come with us for forest bike rides, she runs along beside us and gets impatient when we stop for a rest.

She also likes sticks

And her teddy’s

And we love her to bits




DSCF0117 (2)






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