Deadline is Looming

So the deadline for Self Assessment tax returns is Midnight on 31st January and while the majority of our clients have already been to see us and got their returns done, there are always some that leave it to the last minute.

This is just a reminder to those that we need the paperwork asap.  As the month goes on we are less likely to be able to guarantee the returns can be done on time and if they are submitted after the deadline there is an instant £100 fine regardless of whether any tax is due or not.

Each year HMRC publish their top 10 weirdest late tax return excuses people used to try and get out of paying the fine.  Last year’s list included ‘I had a run-in with a cow’ and ‘my pet goldfish died’.  Needless to say these excuses failed as did the ones on this year’s list which are:

  1. “My pet dog ate my tax return …. and all the reminders.”
  2. “I was up a mountain in Wales and couldn’t find a postbox or get an internet signal.”
  3. The poor taxpayer at number three ‘fell in with the wrong crowd.”
  4. “I’ve been travelling the world trying to escape from a foreign intelligence agency.”
  5. “Barrack Obama is in charge of my finances.” – I wonder how much he charges.
  6. “I’ve been busy looking after a flock of escaped parrots and some fox cubs.”
  7. “A colleague borrowed my tax return to photocopy it and didn’t give it back.”
  8. “I live in a camper van in a supermarket car park.”
  9. “My girlfriend is pregnant.”
  10. “I was in Australia.”

HMRC have said there are genuine excuses for being late with your tax return but I don’t know what they are, I mean, being dead is not classed as an excuse so what could be??

Picture credit to Gratisography



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